Atrogi receives Eurostars grant to develop obesity project

Atrogi is one of a few companies to be selected for a prestigious grant from Eurostars, an initiative of the European Commission that promotes research, and the intergovernmental innovation network EUREKA. The application was done in consortium with Stockholm University, Maastricht University, the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis and Excellerate Bioscience. The grant awarded is approx. 1 million EUR.

“We are very proud to we receive this grant and see it as a recognition of our unique discovery of receptor signaling. Our project was ranked 31 out of 449 applications, and this funding will be important for our development of a new treatment for obesity,” said Alexandra Ekman Ryding, CEO of Atrogi.

Eurostars is a funding and support programme for European research-based small and medium companies’ development of innovative products and services. The programme, which has a 1.14 billion EUR budget for the period 2014-2020, is financed by the European Commission and 36 Member State budgets. The jury’s decision was based on a variety of criteria related to innovation and development, market and commercial potential, as well as expertise of the partners behind the project. This is the second time that Atrogi receives funding from Eurostars.

“Obesity is a growing public health problem and finding new forms of treatment is extremely important to us from a societal perspective. We have high hopes for this groundbreaking project that is being implemented with distinguished researchers from top-tier European universities, institutes and organizations,” said Alexandra Ekman Ryding. The project is expected to begin in this fall.

About obesity

Obesity (BMI +30) is one of our most serious public health problems and has been classified as a disease by the World Health Organization. Obesity affects 650 million adults and 120 million youth and children worldwide. The disease has nearly tripled since 1975 and presents a risk factor for secondary diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

About Atrogi

Atrogi, a Swedish research company, develops a revolutionizing solution for the treatment of diabetes type 2 aimed at the global market. Atrogi was founded in 2013 based on results from Professor Tore Bengtsson. Professor Bengtsson has been conducting ground-breaking research on adrenergic signalling at Stockholm University for 15 years and has discovered how to selectively stimulate b2-adrenergic receptors to translocate GLUT4 to the cell membrane, enabling glucose uptake in skeletal muscle. The result is a reduction of blood glucose levels achieved without insulin. This evidence and novel work at Atrogi is used to develop a treatment for type 2 diabetes that produces minimal side effects. The treatment developed by Atrogi is revolutionizing and focuses on fully functioning systems in the body, rather than trying to make dysfunctional signalling systems work. It’s an entirely new class of oral drug. The novel findings on receptor signaling can also be applicable to other metabolic diseases such as obesity. Please visit: