Atrogi was founded in 2013 by professor Tore Bengtsson with support from private investors. Professor Bengtsson had been conducting ground-breaking research on adrenergic signaling at Stockholm University for over 15 years and discovered how to selectively stimulate blood glucose uptake in skeletal muscle. This finding was used to develop a revolutionary new solution for the treatment of type 2 diabetes (T2D) with minimal side effects.

Data Driven

Compounds are synthesized and analyzed in an iterative fashion.

Research Led

Extensive experience in research and development from academia and industry.


Atrogi has a competitive intellectual property strategy and a robust patent portfolio.

Unprecedented scientific expertise from academia and broad drug development competence from the pharmaceutical industry is the perfect set-up for reaching the goal of developing a treatment of type 2 diabetes.


Atrogi has on its team leading experts who know what it takes to bring a compound through clinical studies and into the market. Our focus is to create value by developing a drug that will transform the way we treat type 2 diabetes today.

The process of bringing a compound from research and development, through to clinic stages and into the market is always a challenge. With a combination of solid experience from clinical and business development, Atrogi is well-positioned to succeed in bringing this unique treatment for type 2 diabetes to the global market.

Meet Our Team

Alexandra Ekman Ryding


– PhD in Medical Epidemiology
– Experience in venture capital and corporate broking
– Experience in health economics and outcomes research
– Member of the board of directors of several organizations and companies

Tore Bengtsson

Founder & CSO

– Professor of Physiology at Stockholm University
– 25 years of experience in pharmacology and physiology
– 60+ scientific publications
– 20+ patent applications
– Entrepreneur and founder of several companies

Benjamin Pelcman

Head of Chemistry and IP

– PhD in Organic Chemistry
– 30 years of industrial experience in drug development
– Experience from several pharma collaborations
– 10 years of experience in scientific research
– 60+ patent applications
– 20+ scientific publications

Nodi Dehvari

Head of Biology

– PhD in Neuroscience
– 13 years of experience in scientific research
– 16 scientific publications
– Unique knowledge of MOA
– Experienced team builder


Head of Preclinical and Clinical Development

– PhD in Infectious disease control
– 20 years of experience in life science research
– 13 years of industrial experience in drug development
– Experience from several pharma collaborations
– 30+ scientific publications

Jessica Olsen

Carina Halleskog

Senior Research Scientist

– PhD in molecular pharmacology
– Specialized in receptor biology and signaling
– Extensive experience in biochemistry

Anastasia Kalinovich

Anastasia Kalinovich

Senior Research Scientist

– PhD in biochemistry
– Specialized in mitochondria physiology and whole-body dynamics
– Preclinical development

Emanuela Talamonti

Emanuela Talamonti

Senior Research Scientist

– PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology
– Extensive experience of biotechnology and immunology
– Preclinical development

Carina Halleskog

Anna Sandström

Lab technician

– M.Sc in molecular physiology
– In vitro pharmacologist
– Extensive laboratory experience

Meet Our Board of Directors

Tore Bengtsson

Founding Board member – 2013

– Professor in Physiology at Stockholm University
– 25 years of experience in pharmacology and physiology
– 50+ scientific publications
– 10+ patent applications
Other assignments:
– Co-founder of Symcel AB, Glucox AB, Sigrid Therapeutics AB

Maarten De Château

Chairman of the Board since 2017

– MD and PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology, Lund University
– Medical Director, Swedish Orphan Biovitrum
– Medical Advisor, Sanofi
– Financial analyst, Aragon Securities, Swedbank Markets
– CEO and Founder of Cormorant Pharmaceuticals
Other assignments:
– CEO of Sixthera AB
– Board member of Oxthera AB, Cavis Technologies AB, AddBio AB, SVP Medical Strategy and Innovation, Camurus AB

Åsa Inde

Board member since 2015

– BSc in Physical Therapy
– Degree from Business Education Institute (FEI)
– 25 years of business development
– Founder of Frösundagruppen and Team Olivia
Other assignments
– Board member of Creperie & Logi AB, Gotlandsbyggen AB, Hemsehem AB, Abisko AS, Markethill Inc and Comai AB

Giovanni Fili

Founding Board member

– M.Sc. in Business and Administration with a double major in Finance and Information Management, Stockholm School of Economics
– Founder and CEO of Exeger
– Senior adviser to Royal Institute of Technology, Applied Finance Institute
– Member of the entrepreneurial forum advising Minister Mikael Damberg on the entrepreneurial situation in Sweden
Other assignments:
– Entrepreneur and investor with investments from real estate development, nanotechnology, IT, and life science to pharmaceutical companies
– Member of several boards of directors

Robert Taflin

Founding Board member

– More than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor from various industries.
– Founded/co-founded several companies, from Real estate development, brokerage, med-tech and life science.
– CEO and member and chairman of the board of several companies.

Carl-Johan Spak

Board member since 2017

– PhD in Dentistry Karolinska Institutet
– Senior Advisor, Flerie Invest AB
– Executive Vice President, Global Technologies, Recipharm AB
– Director Nordic Region, Country Manager Sweden, Meda AB
Other assignments
– Board member of Symcel Sweden AB, Xspray Pharma AB, Prokarium Ltd, Buzzard Pharmaceuticals AB, Pharmacolog i Uppsala AB, KAHR Medical Ltd, EpiEndo Pharmaceuticals ehf, Provell Pharmaceuticals LLC,

Roger Berlin

Board member since 2017

– M.D., Weil Cornell Medical College
– Advanced Management Program, Harvard Business School
– Founder & Principal – 1.618 Consulting LLC
– Chief Medical Advisor – Banner Health Science
– Board of Directors – rTerra
– CEO – Arno Therapeutic
– President Global R&D – Wyeth Consumer Healthcare
– Executive Director of International Regulatory, Merck
– Executive Director Clinical Research – Merck Research Laboratories
– Gastroenterologist in Clinical Practice
– Resident & Research Fellow in Gastroenterology – Stanford U Hospital
Other assignments
– Board member – Sigrid Therapeutics AB,
– Scientific and Regulatory Advisory Board – 3D Communications

Sangwoo Lee

Sangwoo Lee

Board member since 2019

– B.S and M.S. in Control and Instrumentation Engineering from Seoul National University
– Managing Director of Investments at Korea Investment Partners (KIP)
– Head of Korea Investment Partners’ US office based in Silicon Valley
– 18 years of industrial experiences in diverse area and companies in IT including Samsung Electronics, Dasan networks, as well as successful venture startups including Neomtel and Polidigm
Other assignments
– Board member of Prokarium Ltd, Enlivex, KAHR medical and more


We are a multi-disciplinary team committed to focused and efficient drug development.